This tutorial requires basic Solidity programming skills.


See the original proposal of the standard here.

ERC-792: Arbitration Standard proposes a standard for arbitration on Ethereum. The standard has two types of smart contracts: Arbitrable and Arbitrator.

Arbitrable contracts are the contracts on which rulings of the authorized Arbitrator are enforceable.

Arbitrator contracts are the contracts which give rulings on disputes.

In other words, Arbitrator gives rulings, and Arbitrable enforces them.


In the following topics, you will be guided through the usage of the standard. We will implement some examples for Arbitrable and Arbitrator contracts.


Highlighted sections in source code examples indicate statements that are just modified.


You can find the contracts used in this tutorial here.

We will also implement a very simple decentralized application on top of an Arbitrable we developed. You can see the live demo of the DAPP we will develop, here.